Making video distribution simple, accessible and feasible for all.

It does not matter where you are on your video creation journey, launching a membership site should never cost you a fortune and a lifetime.

We work together to build tools that solve real-world problems in the video industry.

Our team is continuously experimenting with interesting tech offerings in the video and communication sphere and inculcating them in everything we do.
Shivam Bhattacharjee
Senior Engineer
Mofiqul Islam
Senior Engineer
Chinmoy Raj Deka
Frontend Developer
Pranab Bora
Frontend Developer
Uddipta Das
Product Manager
Poragjyoti Gogoi
Co-founder, Head of Design
Right Hemisphere
Design Partner
Marketing & Customer Relations
Ankita Saikia
Co-founder, Head of Sales
Alakesh Talukdar
Digital Marketing
Uddipta Das
Roshni Jain
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