Cancellation Policy

As a user of Skara with a Skara account, you can always opt out of our services by requesting account deletion to However, account deletion will only be executed after you have duly notified your subscribers of it. Also, if any payment to Flixbox Solutions LLP is due or is unpaid, you must clear all payments for successful deletion of your account. 

Once your account is set for deletion, you will have 30 days to notify us in case you wish to abort the deletion process and continue using Skara. Also, once scheduled for deletion, we might still store your data which we collected (as per the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) for at least 182 days (one hundred eighty two days) as per the guidelines. 

If you have paid for a month subscription and request for account deletion, you will still be able to access your Skara account for the remaining billing cycle.


We do not refund any portion or whole of the subscription amount owing to a decision made by you to terminate your engagement with Flixbox.

For any cancellation related issue, you can reach us out at