Spread the word of faith with a video streaming app

Launch a subscription-based OTT app to reach like-minded people & your followers worldwide in minutes.
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Skara offers a full set of tools to power your video business.

Get started in minutes
Free white-label website & app
Add paywalls to your videos
Be in 100% control
Get in-depth analytics
Community forum
Early bird discounts
24x7 priority support

Embark on your spiritual leadership journey online with complete peace of mind.

Own a branded website & app without the stress.
Host and distribute your videos to the world, without stress, knowing Skara maintains the infrastructure at all times.
Create and manage memberships easily
With our technical support team to assist you 24/7, easily create tiered subscriptions to sustain your journey of faith.
Be in control of what you create
Retain full control over the content you create without worrying about demonetization and censorship.

Your space is sacred, we add tech to make it equally new-age.

Built-in community forum
Bring your followers together to a dedicated community forum to share ideas and positivity.
Super intuitive & simple to use
Run your spiritual and faith channel without having to learn new skills or tech.
Become truly omnipresent
With the website and Android+iOS apps, let your learnings reach your followers anytime, everywhere.


What is Skara?
Skara is a no-code platform for video creators, publishers and businesses to build and launch their on-demand streaming service within minutes. Any individual or organisation that requires a super reliable infrastructure to store, manage and deliver video to an audience, with or without the option to monetize, can simply create an account and get started instantly.
What can Skara Do for me?
Skara enables you to start your own video-on-demand service and reach your audience without bearing the cost and time required to build such a service from scratch. You can create your own subscription plans and keep 100% of what you earn. On top of that, you also get a free-of-cost customizable website and a mobile application to stream your videos to your viewers. At the data front, you get advanced video stats to show to your sponsors and scale your business infinitely.
Can I cancel my subscription ?
Of course you can. You can cancel your Skara subscription anytime you wish to. However, because you would prepay the amount as per the plan you had chosen, you will still be able to access all services till the end of the billing period. After that, you will no longer have access to your organization dashboard and your audience will not be able to stream your videos.
What if I run out of the storage hours allotted in a plan?
Anytime while using Skara, if you feel like the storage hours allotted in the plan you are subscribed to is not enough, you can choose from any of the other plans with higher storage hours and subscribe to that.
What happens if I upgrade to a plan between a billing period?
If you upgrade to a plan in between a billing period, your new plan will be activated immediately and the extra storage hours from the new plan will be added to your organisation. This will also bring down your per user cost as per the price set in the plan you newly subscribed to.

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