Build a video streaming app in minutes: No-codes required with Skara

Using a no-code platform to build video streaming apps can save time, effort and cost. But when it comes to building a stable and robust system without writing a single line of code, Skara makes that happen without hiccups.

Since the inception of what we know today as the no-code economy, the website and mobile application development landscape has changed drastically. Look at Wordpress and how in its no-code, drag and drop avatar it gave everyone a sneak peek into what the future held. It became quite evident that this aspect of web development was a one-way ticket to freedom from the constraints of the technical know-how of the programming lot. While the option to add custom code still remained, it permanently empowered business owners, designers and the folks (collectively termed 'Citizen developers') to do great things by taking their ideas and businesses online without any technical skill..

What started with Microsoft's Excel in 1985, grew into a giant economy in itself, a game changer, all thanks to the advancement of cloud computing technology and rise of SaaS as a licensing and delivery model. Fast-forward to 2020, as per a report by Emergen Research, market size of the global no-code platforms reached USD 12.17 Billion. 

Is launching a video streaming app with no technical skills even possible?

Developing a video streaming website and mobile application (also often referred as Video on-demand/VOD and over-the-top/OTT) from scratch is not feasible for everyone because of the high development cost and the time required to make it to the market. And like in every other aspect of web development, the emergence of no-code has helped bring down those entry barriers to some extent. Regardless of how such apps are built, when we surveyed the over-the-top, or as popularly known as OTT, apps up on the app marketplaces, most user reviews claim the performance and usability expected from them is often lacking. The audience is used to consuming videos on giants like Disney+Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video and they refuse to settle for any lesser experience. And that is the true test of no-code website builders. 

When we came up with the idea for Skara, it was not to simply add another no-code video streaming app building platform to the already saturated space. We started with two definite challenges and directed all our energy to solving them. The first challenge: Providing video creators or anyone with a requirement for video streaming a robust system out-of-the box, an infrastructure that they can rely on. The second challenge: Provide this at a cost that does not become an entry barrier and deliver it within a timeframe which gives them a competitive advantage.

In its present form, Skara is undeniably one of the most stable, dynamic and robust no-code platforms to build a video streaming website and application. And with the record deployment time and the transparent pricing plans for businesses of all sizes, while offering the customisable website and mobile application free-of-cost, we have surely reduced the burden of setting up such a service. As it grows, we will optimize it and hope to increase performance and make it further feasible for anyone and everyone.

At the core of no-code lies the principle of enabling anyone, absolutely anyone, to build what they set out to build and Skara is way ahead in giving the user an effortless experience in that front. So, we are listing down the steps you need to follow to build a video streaming app in minutes and reach your audience instantly. 

Step 1: Create a Skara account for your business

  1. Visit and click on the 'Get Started' button on top right corner
  2. Considering you are a first-time user, click on the Create Account text button
  3. Fill in your business details and verify your email ID
  4. Once the email is verified, you are ready to sign in to your account and access your dashboard

Step 2: Access your dashboard

  1. Sign in to your account using the email ID you used to register your business on Skara
  2. Verify it's you by entering the one-time-password (OTP) sent to the registered email ID for added security
  3. Skara users can create multiple business accounts using a single email ID. So, after signing in to your account, you need to choose the business account you want to access
  4. Access the business by clicking on it and entering the password associated with it

Step 3: Choose a subscription plan that best fits your requirement

  1. Select any one of the plan which makes sense for your business requirements
  2. Complete the payment and you are ready to access your dashboard

Step 4: Launch your business's video streaming website

  1. Go to the 'Brand and Launch Setting' section and give your brand details, including the description to show on search pages on Google and other browsers, and the brand logo.
  2. You can choose from the provided themes that best fit your brand in the 'Appearance' section.
  3. Write down or copy and paste the privacy policies and terms of use in the 'Legal' section, and fill in the details of your support/grievance officer in 'Contact details' section
  4. Go to the 'Website' section and you will see your website is ready to be launched on a domain provided by Skara.
    a. If you do not have a registered domain for your business, you can launch it on this Skara domain by clicking on the 'Launch Website' button. In a couple of minutes, your video streaming web application will go live on the Skara domain.
    b. If you already own a domain and want to use that domain for your app, skip step 4 (a) and select the 'Use Custom Domain' option and put in your domain in the provided field (
    c. We will generate a set of 'Domain Name Setting' (DNS) records which you will have to add in the DNS setting of your DNS provider. (Learn more)
    d. Once you have added the DNS record on your DNS provider's website, wait for a few moments and click on 'Verify' to check if the DNS record has been successfully propagated.
    e. When the records are verified, your video streaming web app will go live and we will let you know. Your web app should be available on the domain you provided (example:

That is all that it takes to build and launch your video streaming web application online. No codes required, no technical expertise and most importantly, not years, months, days but only minutes and you are ready to go-to-market with your own video-on demand application. 

Now that the enormous task of building and launching your video streaming/VOD/OTT app is taken care of, all you need is to start doing what you do best: Create content and publish it on the application. But more on that, in the next article.

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