Guide to uploading videos to Vimeo, retrieving the link, and using it on Splay

Uploading Videos to Vimeo  

  • Visit and click ‘’see a plan’’ 
  • Choose a paid plan (Starter, Standard, or Advanced) as video links can be only retrieved by choosing the paid plans. 
  • Enter your details or join with your Google account. If you already have an existing account, log in.

Tip - Consider the annual plan for a potential 7-day trial 

  • Upload Your Video
  • Click "Upload from computer". Choose your video file from a computer or other platforms like Dropbox or Drive.
  • Ensure the video meets Vimeo's requirements (max file size 250GB, max duration 24 hours).

Retrieving the video link from Vimeo :

  • Click the uploaded video file
  • Move to the right section and click the three dots (...) and select ‘’Video File Links".
  • Choose your preferred format (hls or mp4).
  • Copy the displayed link.

Using the video link in Splay   

  • Go to Splay and create your player name 
  • Paste your desired link in Splay and set your file format to mp4 
Click on ‘’Update video player’’ 
  • Click on ‘’Preview’’ to check your video 

Your link is ready!

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