No code development - future of building streaming services

No-code technology is revolutionizing the way complex products are built. So, it is only natural that developing Video-On-Demand (VOD) platforms is also going the no-code way. But is it a future-proof option for businesses looking to go-to-market quicker than the rest?

In the digital era where no-code has emerged and taken a turn to fit into our lives, there has been a remarkable transformation on how streaming services are built. No-code development is redefining the way to launch, manage and monetize video streaming platforms. You are no longer limited to acquiring advanced coding skills, enabling businesses and startups to build streaming services, empowering creativity and innovation like never before. Technology and the evolving streaming services has already reached the global marketplace. Along with that, the use of no-code has reached places and industries for the simplicity and easy understanding ability it offers.

The No-Code Landscape  

No-code is an emerging technology that can build applications and websites with minimal or no usage of programming languages. Building an application from scratch can take up to weeks or months with traditional coding than using pre-built functionality, although the product timeline depends on the size of the dev team and requirements of the project. No-code technology has the potential to revolutionize how companies build apps and websites, making the process easier, faster and cost effective. It is as simple as it sounds. 

There is an emerging landscape of no-code driving into the market with its less or no scripting option. It is quite evident from the term ‘no-code’ on how it functions. You can basically build and deploy full-scale websites and products without writing a single line of code. 

According to Gartner, the no-code platform market is expected to grow at least five times faster than traditional application development by 2023. It also forecasts that by 2024, the no/low-code development will reach an impressive $12.3 billion. With the rise in the no-code technology that scales up the speed of building websites and applications, the entire development scenario has changed. 

There are plenty of cases for no-code solutions. From building web apps, mobile apps, voice apps and many more on the field. The no-code ecosystem has products that when combined can create powerful complex applications like Airtable, used to manage and share databases, Zapier which makes it easy to connect applications and automate workflows, Bubble that enables non-developers to build web applications, and the list goes on.

No-code and Citizen Developers - the way into the future

More businesses and startups are rooting for non-developers to come up with a brand in less development time and cost. The demand for technical needs have merged with the shortage of a dev team, where companies, owners and organizations are more inclined with the no-code technology. That is when the need to work with citizen developers (a tech-savvy who works with no-code technology) is taken into consideration. You don't need a whole team for building an application or website.

With no-code development, citizen developers are called in to build apps and websites in ease, similar to that of using building blocks. Find the right block, move elements, manage all of it at one place. Together they are forming a way into the future. 

We are aware of the fact that to build a software product from the base level, it requires a lot of effort and equal or more amount of time investment. Not just that, it is a costly affair (as it requires proper maintenance and a developer to keep an eye at all times), especially for the small businesses and early startups to make their mark in the market (or amongst already established industries). Speaking of which, no-code and citizen developers altogether is definitely a cheaper way for application and website development.

No-Code is changing the Video Streaming Industry

No-code has lowered the entry barrier to many industries, allowing them to build applications in an easier, faster and more convenient manner. Especially in a booming industry like the video streaming market, businesses, companies and startups are saving up huge bucks and ample amount of time on the final product. There is no doubt that the video streaming market has witnessed a rapid growth and as per a study (BlueWeave Consulting), it will reach USD 213.1 Billion by 2028. As the market size of video streaming services increases, with a fleet in the number of streaming platforms and easy access to the internet, almost every household is getting engaged with more OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms. The Global Video Streaming market size is poised to grow at a CAGR of 21.5% in the forecast period (2023-2030). The usage of streaming platforms is increasing year after year and yet there still exists a barrier; involving the time and cost. No-code is making sure it blurs out the barriers for the smooth launch of video streaming services.

Previously when one had to launch a streaming platform, the level of difficulties were skyrocketing. Either businesses used to face a shortage of IT experts or had to invest a lot of time and money, stretching out the entire development process. And all of that with high uncertainties of how and what the profits would look like for the end product. 

Enter Skara

With the evolving no-code technology, you can build or launch applications in a comparatively less time frame. The process of no-code can involve no extensive programming languages but even with this method, you’d have to learn the tools, technical terms, and know how the web works, which is considerably complicated. With that comes certain other complexities that include writing lines of codes, getting in touch with the technical know-how, consumption of your time, effort and money, as a result forming a barrier to enter the streaming market. Now imagine a platform without any of the above mentioned complexities. Sounds like utopia? Yes. It's Skara. A space for the creators to build, manage, and monetize their brand in a single environment for a seamless user experience.

How to get into the world of Skara?

Follow a few easy steps that include sign up, upload your content, launch and monetize. So it's a matter of a few clicks until you have your video streaming platform for the viewers. And the time it takes? Just a few minutes. 

Why did we build Skara?

Few of the aforementioned complexities: the financial resources, excessive time duration and the efforts, hinders the process of building a streaming platform. So we built Skara with the motive to face the challenges in the market. What used to take up months has now dropped down to minutes, as a result of not just lowering the entry barrier but removing it. You can now get rid of the enormous task of building a streaming service. All you need to do is choose a subscription plan that best suits your business. With the feasibility Skara provides, the creators are easy-to-go to launch their brand without having to pay any setup fee. 

Some major concerns are taken care of with Skara, like robust infrastructure, scalability and the time and money to incur. Within minutes, you would have in front of you a seamless video-on-demand service. Skara looks after people's concerns and empowers creators and provides a space where they can control money and content. Create easy subscription plans and start monetizing content on the same platform. 

You have an option of choosing and customizing the designed templates that cater your industry or business. Also, keep a track of the overall engagement, insights and analytics of your video performance with Skara. By doing so, you have the ability to enhance your contents and drive business growth accordingly.

Now that the entire process of launching a video streaming platform turns out to be that convenient and effortless, I think it’s time to revolutionize the way you stream videos with Skara to reach a diverse audience. So start building video streaming platforms with the help of Skara; the easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate platform and get your videos and contents published instantly. 

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