Skara Highlights: 10 Creator Educators Using Videos to Spread What They Know and Love

Creator-educators across the world have opened up a world of knowledge. Here's a list of the great things they're doing in this space.

According to Jay Clouse, founder of Creator Science, when it comes to categorizing the creators in the ever-growing community, there are primarily two camps: creator-educators and creator entertainers. As their names suggest, the former creates content to educate, be it a new skill or a hobby, and the latter focuses more on entertaining. While the boundaries between the two camps often coincide, but for the sake of distinction, Clouse’s categorization is pretty useful.

Because Skara is made for video creators & enterprises to streamline the hosting, distribution and monetization aspects of video business, we have made this list to celebrate the 10 creator-educators (in no particular order) doing exceptionally well in their respective fields through videos. We’ve also tried to bring their earnings into the equation to present their growth through a business perspective, which the newer creators might look up to for motivation and inspiration. 

So, here’s our list of creator-educators using videos smartly to share their knowledge and win our hearts. 

We plan to update this list with more such amazing creators as we discover them. Are you a creator-educator and want to feature on our list? Write to us and we will include you too.

Kevin Espiritu

Topics covered: Gardening

Kevin Espiritu, based out of California is the founder of Epic Gardening, a company that educates people about how to grow plants. He started his journey by writing a gardening blog in 2013 which transformed into a ‘direct-to-consumer gardening empire. With over a decade of experience in the world of gardening, Kevin's journey is nothing short of remarkable. 

Income Streams - Kevin has been creating educational content across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and has a podcast with 11 million downloads. His YouTube channel, started in 2013 has more than 2 million subscribers. In 2019, he ventured into E-commerce by selling gardening tools and botanical seeds. Additionally, Kevin also authored books ( ‘’Field Guide to Urban Gardening’’ and ‘’Grow Bag Gardening’’. )

Notably, In 2022, Kevin got an investment of whooping $17.5 million from The Chernin Group, a top investment firm. 

Shannon T.Boodram

Topics covered: Sexology, Intimacy, Sex Education

Shannon is a certified sexologist, Intimacy Expert, and counsellor based out of Canada educating people about sex and relationships. Her journey began when she noticed the lack of comprehensive sex education resources at the age of 19. Boodram wants to use the plot twists, relatable characters, and visuals from scripted entertainment and porn to teach sex-ed.

Income Streams - Boodram has two YouTube channels, one with more than 690K subscribers, delving into topics related to sex, love, relationships, and occasionally lifestyle and the other is a podcast titled "Lovers and Friends" with more than 60k subscribers where she continues her discussions on matters of intimacy. Additionally, she has authored books such as Laid: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture and The Game of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets to Dating with Dominance-and Getting What You Want and has also partnered with renowned brands such as Squarespace, Audible, Google, Netflix, OkCupid and Bumble. 

Sahil Bhadviya

Topics covered: Personal Finance

Sahil Bhadviya who was an IT consultant with over 6 years of experience, made a significant career shift to become a finance coach and consultant. He was inspired by the need for financial guidance in India and left a well-paid job in London to empower millions with financial literacy. 

Income Streams - Sahil's primary income is from YouTube having more than 400k subscribers where he simplifies personal finance, covering topics like stock markets, mutual funds, and insurance tax planning. He has his personal finance academy where he offers structured courses. Besides, Sahil also offers mentorship through platforms like Topmate providing one-to-one sessions, and actively engages with his audience on Instagram, Quora, Linkedin, and Telegram.

Bridget Spackman

Topics covered: Teaching, Productivity

Bridget Spackman who goes by the name 'The Lettered Classroom,' is an elementary school teacher and a dedicated content creator hailing from Central Pennsylvania. As an educator creator, her mission has been to help teachers establish positive learning environments and help them to achieve work-life balance through productivity and organisation.

Income Streams - Bridget's income streams are diverse. She has a YouTube channel with over 88K subscribers where she shares weekly videos for 3-6 upper elementary ELA [ English Language Teacher]. Bridget has a literacy community where she offers valuable resources,  and has a "Writing Bridge Program’’ designed for 3rd to 6th-grade teachers. Bridget also contributes to the teaching community by providing printable resources for assessing students' behaviours on the Teachers Pay Teachers platform. Together with Michelle Emerson, she also runs a website 'Teaching On the Double,' offering free resources for teachers and has a podcast titled ‘’Teaching at the Top’’. Bridget has also authored books for upper elementary teachers titled -  ‘Building the Literacy Block’ and for parents titled ‘Jumpstart Learning in Your Kids’.

Otis Jones

Topics covered: American Sign Language, Accessibility, Inclusivity

Otis Jones hailing from Atlantia, Georgia also known as SLNTWRLD is a deaf creator who is a passionate advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) community. Otis is very passionate about teaching American Sign Language (ASL) and is committed to raising awareness about the struggles faced by the deaf and those in the HOH community. Through his teaching, he empowers individuals to bridge the communication gap and embrace a more inclusive world. Otis highlights the difference between the recognition received by the hearing creators and deaf creators stating that although both creators create the same content it is always the hearing creators who enjoy the most views. 

Income Streams - Otis's primary income is online courses, brand partnerships, and TikTok. He offers a comprehensive mini American Sign Language course and gives additional one-on-one coaching through Zoom. Otis's social media presence is also remarkable as he covers simple ASL vocabulary words and also does ASL covers of popular songs on TikTok adding a unique dimension to his content. Otis has partnered with major companies like Coca-Cola and Marvel on TikTok, amplifying his message for inclusivity. 

Anjali Harikumar 

Topics covered: Vegan Indian Recipe

Anjali Harikumari popularly known as BeExtraVegant is a Ph.D. holder in Nanophysics from France and is currently a full-time content creator. She creates delightful Vegan Indian recipes and talks about the science behind cooking. Anjali's transition to veganism was because of the shocking documentaries that she watched which revealed the harsh realities of animal farming and its environmental impact.

Income Streams - Anjali’s creativity expands across several platforms. On YouTube, Anjali has more than 900k subscribers and more than 200k followers on Instagram where she posts vegan recipes. She is also on TikTok offering bite-sized content on veganism. Anjali also maintains a blog, a weekly newsletter, Spice Guide, and has a cooking course where she shares her knowledge about vegan recipes. She has also collaborated with renowned brands such as Amazon and Fodory as well as chefs and creators who are educating people about cooking.

John Gress

Topics covered: Photography

John Gress is a commercial photographer and the director of Photography DP residing in Chicago known for his dramatic lightning effect. John’s interest in photography began at the age of 14 when he took his mother’s Vivitar point-and-shoot camera to his summer camp. His interest led him to enrol in his first photography class during his freshman year of high school and by senior year he was covering all the major events. 

Income Streams - Apart from earning through clients, he has his own YouTube channel with 46.9k subscribers where he shares his insights, techniques, and experiences about photography. John has a personal academy where he offers exclusive content about the fundamentals of photography lighting for $19 monthly and $190 annually and has one-on-one mentorship sessions for aspiring photographers. Additionally, he also offers  "Lighting Handbook" and "Lightroom Presets" for photographers looking to enhance their skills. His clients include ESPN, Hyatt Hotels, Lufthansa, MillerCoors, and many more. His work has been also published in prestigious publications like The New York Times and The People.

Divija Bhasin

Topics covered: Mental health

Divija Bhasin popularly known as Awkward Goat is a counselling psychologist and content creator who educates people about mental health. She likes to touch upon topics that many people are unaware of such as how parenting, culture, and family systems are deeply related to mental health. She envisions a future where every student from school to university is equipped with the knowledge and resources about mental health and that there is a robust legal framework for mental health in India.

Income Streams - Divija initially got recognition in TikTok and then later transitioned to Instagram where she has an impressive following of more than 200k. She is also the founder and the head psychologist of ‘’The Friendly Couch’’ where she offers therapy sessions. In addition to her work in psychology, Divija is a co-founder of "This is kinda lit," which is an e-commerce jewellery shop. Furthermore, Divija extends her reach on her YouTube making mental health entertaining and accessible for all. Her content serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to navigate the complexities of mental health. 

Thom Gibson

Topics covered: Classroom management, Classroom experience, Teacher productivity

Thom Gibson is a consultant, educator, and YouTuber who has made a significant impact in the world of education. He has been awarded a two-time educator of the year in middle school in Austin, Texas. As a middle school educator, Thom specialises in teaching Maths, Science, and Robotics. 

Income Streams - His Youtube channel which has been active since 2012, has garnered a good following of more than 30K subscribers which primarily caters to middle school STEM teachers. As a YouTuber, he shares valuable insights on teaching and classroom vlogs. Thom also offers an online course where he guides educators about how to create video lessons for students from scratch. In 2019, Thom co-founded NewEdtech Classroom, serving as the Creative Director alongside CEO Sam Kary. He also has another youtube channel with Sam that has more than 200k subscribers dedicated to assisting educators in creating engaging learning experiences for students. Thom also offers a range of courses, many of which are available for free on the Next Generation Teacher Platform. His expertise and contributions have earned him recognition and also appearances on several podcasts.

Although he is no longer in the classroom and making content on Youtube channel, he continues to support educators through other ways, for instance, he offers a free online course - ‘’the Essential student jobs for the middle school classroom of tomorrow'’ on his official website. Additionally, Thom shares teaching resources on the Teachers Pay Teachers platform, further extending his reach and impact in the teacher’s community. 

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